Picking The Right Cell Phone Locator App For Your Needs

Updated on: November 8, 2014 By Tabitha
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Choosing A Cell Phone Tracker Application

If you're simply looking for a basic app to help you find your phone if you lose it, there are several cool tracking services for consumers to use these days. There is Sprint Family Locator, Find My iPhone, Glympse, and more. Some work with the new programmable smart phones and others like the Sprint Family Locator and Glympse, work with non-programmable phones. We should all be grateful that cell phone locator technology is available and in operation today.

How Phone Tracking Apps Work

Now I'd like to take a minute and tell you how cell phone locator services actually work and which apps you should use. Many people have heard that cell phones have GPS capabilities. Few of those people, however, actually understand why GPS receivers are built into modern smartphones and how this technology is actually utilized for tracking a cell phone.

Initially the reason that cell phones were equipped with GPS sensors wasn't so we could use mobile phone tracking apps. It was so that 911 emergency operators could find you in the event that you made an emergency call from your cell phone.

If you ever call 911 from your home phone, the operator will know where you called from instantly thanks to caller ID. This makes it possible for them to get the necessary emergency response vehicles rolling before you even give them your address! This can be very important when a few short minutes could mean the difference between life and death.

When people started using cell phones so much, this caused a really big problem. Many times when people call 911 from their cell phones, they have a difficult time articulating to the emergency operator their exact location. A specialized cell phone locator feature built into modern cell phones can help 911 operators find you when they need to so you can receive help much faster. This service is called "enhanced 911" and since it's inception, this cell phone tracker feature has saved many lives.

The GPS chip in your phone makes it possible for a cell phone locator app to know exactly where your phone is anywhere on the planet. In the past, the only way that cell phones could be located was through pinging and triangulation. This just wasn't accurate enough for emergency personnel and as a result of the lack this methods accuracy, many lives were lost.

It should be mentioned that in order for these services to work with a cell phone, the phone must be in a cellular service area. The way cell phone tracker applications work is by sending a signal to the cell phone requesting that the phone use it's GPS receiver to record it's location. When it has acquired its location, the coordinates are then transmitted through the cell phone towers to the phone locator software the request originated from. This is why the phone must be in a service area for mobile tracking to work.

It's important to note that in order for you to begin tracking a cell phone with a GPS tracking app, you must first download and install one of these apps onto the phone that you would like to be able to track. This means that you need to have a programmable cell phone. These are most often referred to as "smartphones". These are typically mobile devices like the iPhone, Google Android powered phones, Windows Mobile powered phones, Blackberries, and more.

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